Thursday, March 19, 2009

Call for testers

If you're as annoyed as I am with Jaunty's PulseAudio instability, behold, there is light at the end of the tunnel. If you're running 64-bit, please test the kernel at and let me know how the stability of PulseAudio fares. If there is enough interest, I'll work on building 32-bit.

Edit: 32-bit is now available.


  1. hm, is jaunty stable enough to put on my ("production") laptop?

    if you recall, last time it didn't end too well :)

  2. Very exciting!
    Never been able to get my Logitech AudioHub working with either Intrepid or Jaunty. Does this kernel address that?

  3. I've been running the 64bit one for a few hours now. It seems fine. What changes have you made to it?

  4. Can you make a diff against the regular kernel for this?

  5. Thanks for the pacakges.

    This is much better than 2.6.28-11 on Jaunty rc 64 bit. Its now good enough to listen to music. Unfortunately, I still get glitches from time to time.

  6. This post looks like couple of weeks old, Can i go ahead and install the 64 bit version? Is this kernel ver out of the 'test' realm?