Monday, July 27, 2009

"Meanwhile, in real life"...

Firstly, I have been neglecting my Ubuntu Karmic objectives due to a sudden fit of productivity in $dayjob. I expect this lapse to be completed after the Black Hat USA briefings. (That said, if you're headed to that Sin City and have Ubuntu sound problems, find me, and we can eliminate the debugging roundtrips.)

Secondly, I am working through the powerdown issues for the remaining HDA (controllers and) codecs besides Sigmatel/IDT. The Analog Devices and Realtek ones are pains in my rear.

Lastly, some words on respect. I tend toward forcefulness - sometimes misled but mostly well-intentioned - and note that, rather than blow much hot air about the (emotional) fitness of Mono or the blatant sexism in many environments (not just FOSS), to frame the issues as obstinate juvenile mutterings reduces them to the bottom line: I (we) disrespect other people. I (we) should stop being an idiot(s). But rather than argue who needs to stop what, I am going to eradicate the tomfoolery and shenanigans that I have internalised. It's really simple: people notice when I (we) take time to help them with Ubuntu. People notice when I (we) take time to note that I (we) don't agree with sexism in presentations. For me, Ubuntu is about leading through maturity.