Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Public service announcement: Read the original bug reporter's summary before adding unrelated comments

I find that I'm wasting considerable time trawling through bug reports where comments not from the original reporter indicate experiences involving very different software configurations. For instance, person A files a bug against pulseaudio on default Ubuntu, and you see very similar symptoms on default Kubuntu and thus proceed to add some comments to the bug report.

File a separate bug.

The bug reporter's symptoms don't involve Phonon at all, but yours do. You've just splattered over an otherwise useful timeline, which generally makes me want to take a long springtime walk instead of fixing the actual bug. Thanks for understanding.


  1. I find it funny that you want the people who can't be bothered to read, to read this post.

  2. can't you just delete irrelevant posts on bug-reports?

    seriously, considering the huge amount of 'me too', 'i cant believe this isnt fixed yet', and other useless comments, delete seems to be a real requirement..

  3. I wonder if Launchpad should implement a relevance counter to comments. Bug reviewers could click a +/- on notable or irrelevant comments, then it'd be trivial to expand/hide irrelevant comments.

  4. +1 on the relevance counter idea. That should be implemented on answers.launchpad.net and bugs.launchpad.net and maybe other sections of Launchpad as well.