Sunday, February 7, 2010

Pre-Year of the Tiger

Firstly, lots happening on the Ubuntu 10.04 audio front:
* daily builds of stable alsa-driver snapshots (thanks, Brad!);
* massive alsa-lib and alsa-plugins debugging (thanks, David!);
* continued alsa-driver/linux quirking;
* uploads of latest stable alsa*, libsdl1.2 (including direct seeding of the pulse backend in the Ubuntu desktop seed), openal-soft, and pulseaudio source packages;
* re-addition of HDA power down for Sigmatel/IDT in pm-utils-powersave-policy 0.3.

Some very positive Canonical goings-on have occurred, too, but that's the purvey of others. Also importantly, fellow community members are stepping forward to help triage Ubuntu audio bugs. You gals/guys are too numerous to list individually, but rest assured that your efforts (even if you're new to bug triaging!) are much appreciated. Thanks for helping make Lucid rock!

Secondly, John Poelstra recently wrote a fantastic piece on chairing effective meetings. The points are so entirely lucid (bad pun I know) that I can't believe that I hadn't used them!

In fact, the revitalized DistrictOfColumbia LoCo team meetings have begun using them. Brian has been doing a bang-up job posting summaries in lieu of a configured mootbot to keep us accountable. Members of the LoCo team are working on a screencast/video to demonstrate archive-uploadable activities at jams using Bug Hugger, Lernid, and Ground Control. I'll be doing a portion on fixing alsa-driver/linux bugs.


  1. Dan,

    Glad you liked the article. Are there other things about meetings that would be helpful to write about?


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