Monday, December 7, 2009

Lucid development: audio for Alpha 1

Things that won't land for Lucid Alpha 1:

Steady progress on Analog Devices HDA suspend/resume additions/fixes in pursuit of powerdown objectives;

Fix for PulseAudio bailing on HDA softmodems.

On the other hand, they will land sometime soonish. In fact, the latter fix is available for testing in Karmic from the ubuntu-audio-dev PPA.

(As always, thanks for understanding that I have a limited amount of free time to do this stuff.)


  1. is bug #278648 addressed by the latest updates ?

  2. @aboSamoor No, the updates so far to linux only touch patch_analog.c (the one in the bug report is patch_conexant.c), and pulseaudio is unrelated entirely.