Saturday, April 18, 2009

Jaunty release party; more Karmic brainstorming

We're having a Jaunty release party in Washington, DC.

I'd also like thoughts on how to make resolving bugs like this one more transparent, err, easier, to the casual user. (Sure, I could have picked any one from thousands on Launchpad.) Matt Z has already contributed apport hooks to facilitate the process, but we have a long way to go still. (Please don't castigate or indulge in overzealousness in the comments.)

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  1. It's important to make the system state more visible to users, both to help them give useful information to developers and to help them get out of trouble on their own. We'll know that
    we're on the right track if they can diagnose the problem with a bit of observation and trial and error, as they can with a basic home audio setup.

    We'll still need better debugging tools, of course. I think for Karmic we should look at adding some of the extra pulseaudio utilities to the default install so that they can be used in
    apport hooks and interactive debugging sessions.